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Tit Soup?

Hello again darlings, so much has happened! I promised to describe my adventures so here they go. Last night I met up with my beautiful friend E. She looks like a down to earth Grace Kelly with a little more spunk. She was having a shitty birthday and I was determined to turn things around. So away we went to a party in DC. The people were a mix of your typical non profit activists, wild children, and undercover suits. We drank red wine and ate something organic. It's red wine with that crowd, isn't it? As I adore merlot it's fortunately not a problem. So there was a hot tub and a massage therapist with his massage table and oils in tow. E. got an hour long massage and I jumped into the hot tub in my underwear. Around me were two naked girls, or was it three? Yes three naked girls and two naked boys. We chatted politics, drunken adventures, and travel. E. joined us and the night got interesting. There is a game you play where each person tells a part of the story a few sentences, and passes it on. Our stories quickly devolved into drunken orgies and lunacy. E. Left and people wandered away till it was me and B. B had a boyish charm, as well as a sort of yuppie patina peeking through his cowboy hat. Yes he was naked in the tub in a cowboy hat. Now group nudity and individual nudity are two completely different things. While there was a gaggle of nudies around me it did not seem so odd, but me and B. in his cowboy hat that started to become painfully obvious. Suddenly my sufficiently opaque underwear did not seem like enough cover as he started prodding with completely pervy questions about my sex life. I told him I did not discuss it with strangers. Of course that did not do much to discourage, he had a clever quip "I'm not a stranger I've known me my whole life". Now the funny thing about B. and the awkwardness is that he was a self professed feminist and lover of Bust magazine. I thought those men were not supposed to do that. Later me and E. had a discussion on the different varieties of male asshole and one particularly interesting species is the man who professes feminist leanings in order to get girls into bed. He knows the writers, the magazines, the theory, and the things to say, and yet, alas, he is just your usual ass. Other kinds were the beefcake, the metrosexual, the fratboy, the seducer.... If you think of more let me know.

Xoxo, Siren